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By Camille Dillard, DO, Health & Wellness PC
September 18, 2020
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If you’re looking to shed some excess pounds and ensure that they stay off, you’re probably aware that exercising must be a crucial component in your weight loss plan. Here at Natural Health Center in Rome, NY, we can craft a safe weight loss and management that’s tailor-fitted to your particular needs if you’re having a rough time managing your weight.

With that said, the benefits of exercise extend far beyond looking good. More and more studies are finding out that exercising regularly could likewise increase other health aspects, such as emotional wellbeing and cognitive function.

The Benefits of a Regular Fitness Regimen

Exercising regularly has been found to offer a wide variety of health effects like stronger cardiovascular health, a reduced risk of having a stroke, and developing cancer, as well as stronger bones and muscles. It’s likewise been linked to improved emotional wellbeing and cognitive health. Further, exercising even without the effects of weight loss might help people live longer.

In a nutshell—exercise improves everything. Among the newest and best findings of working out regularly, particularly for busy people struggling to fit exercise into their busy schedules, is that they can still benefit from exercise even if they work out just a couple of minutes daily.

New research has shown that you can experience the benefits of regular workouts even in shorter bursts. For instance, even 15 minutes daily of high-intensity physical activity that has you feeling breathless, such as running or swimming, could kick start your metabolism, increase your muscle mass, and lower your body fat.

Also, an American Journal of Health Promotion study revealed that even short bursts of physical activity, such as doing jumping jacks or pacing while watching videos or tinkering with your smartphone, as long as the combined time of these activities add up to at least 30 minutes daily, could give you the same benefits as longer workout sessions.

The Right Exercises and Intensity is Key

You also don’t have to sweat a lot to experience what exercise has to offer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s exercise guidelines, 150 minutes of moderately intense physical activity along with strength training twice weekly can offer the same results as 75 or more minutes of high-intensity workouts plus two strength training days each week.

The bottom line—exercise isn’t and shouldn’t be just about losing weight. From the tip of your nose to the tips of your toes, exercising regularly can provide total-body benefits.

Speak to Us For Any Concerns, Questions, or Advice on Healthy Weight Loss

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By Camille Dillard, DO, Health & Wellness PC
September 18, 2020
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Transitioning to a diet that consists primarily of organic food can have significant benefits for your health. Conventionally grown food can contain traces of potentially toxic substances, such as heavy metals. Organic foods are produced without these things. The skilled practitioners at Natural Health Center in Rome, NY, can explain all the benefits of organic food on your health and help you learn to identify truly organic foods.

Advantages of an Organic Diet

Organic foods are grown using methods that are believed to be better for the environment and healthier for consumption than conventional farming methods. For example, artificial fertilizers and synthetic pesticides can be used in conventional farming. For food crops to be deemed organic, artificial fertilizers and most types of synthetic pesticides cannot be used in the growing process. The potential problem with artificial fertilizers and synthetic pesticides is that they often contain toxic heavy metals, such as cadmium. Eating organic foods can lessen exposure to pesticides and heavy metals.

Another advantage of an organic diet is the reduced consumption of unwanted antibiotics or synthetic hormones. Non-organic meat and dairy products can contain traces of both antibiotics and synthetic hormones, which can ultimately make their way into the bodies of individuals who consume these items. Some livestock is given injections of synthetic growth hormones to help them produce more milk or gain weight faster. They are also given antibiotics to prevent illness. Both the hormones and medications can be passed on to the consumer. Organic foods are produced without the use of synthetic hormones or antibiotics.

Exposure to synthetic pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics, and synthetic growth hormones through the consumption of non-organic foods could potentially contribute to the development of certain health conditions or diseases. For example, a correlation has been observed between synthetic hormones and an increased risk for developing some types of cancer. An organic diet could reduce that risk by eliminating exposure to carcinogens and other unhealthy substances. The knowledgeable practitioners at our health center in Rome, NY, can help you transition to an organic diet.

Organic Produce vs. the Dirty Dozen

Many conventionally grown fruits and vegetables contain unhealthy pesticide residues. Unfortunately, some types of products tend to have much higher levels of these residues, which is why it is essential to purchase their organic counterparts. The most recent tests performed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in 2020 have identified twelve fruits and vegetables as the dirty dozen since they contain the highest levels of pesticide residues. These items are best purchased as organic. Produce on the dirty dozen list for 2020 includes:

  • Strawberries
  • Nectarines
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  • Cherries
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Celery
  • Potatoes

The benefits of an organic diet include decreased exposure to pesticides, toxic heavy metals, and other health threats. You could potentially also reduce your risk of developing certain health conditions or diseases as a result of exposure to these toxins. For help transitioning to an organic diet, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced practitioners by calling Natural Health Center in Rome, NY, at (888) 338-WELL.

By Camille Dillard, DO, Health & Wellness PC
July 24, 2020
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Preventive medicine could improve the quality of your sleep.

There is nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep. It leaves your brain groggy, it can increase irritability and mood swings, it can affect work performance, and it can even influence you to reach for more sugar and snacks throughout the day. Getting quality sleep every night is crucial for promoting good physical, mental, and emotional health, and if you are having trouble sleeping our Rome NY preventive medicine doctor Dr. Camille Dillard can provide natural, medicine-free ways to help you catch those elusive ZZZs.

What's causing my sleeping problems?

Just about anything can be to blame for poor sleep including:

  • Stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Too much stimulation (e.g. electronics or exercising too late)
  • Caffeine
  • Certain health problems
  • Sleep disorders
  • Certain medications

The good news is that preventive medicine offers a wide range of treatment options that can target common causes of poor sleep such as stress, mood disorders, and chronic pain. Dr. Camille Dillard and her team in Rome NY can also work with you to create lifestyle changes that promote better sleep habits. By learning about your current routine, we can help you pinpoint potential pitfalls that are keeping you from getting the good night’s sleep you deserve. Some changes may include:

  • Powering down electronics 2-3 hours before bed
  • Finding a soothing and relaxing nighttime ritual (e.g. taking a warm bath)
  • Dimming the lights hours before bed
  • Keeping the room at an optimal temperature for sleep
  • Shutting out any light or noise from your bedroom

We also know that pain can be a contributing factor to poor sleep. Our preventive medicine team offers a variety of chiropractic techniques and treatments to improve how the nervous systems function. By identifying and fixing misalignments in the vertebrae, we can also:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Promote blood flow
  • Stimulate healing
  • Reduce fatigue and tension
  • Reduce stress
  • Promote deeper sleep

We all go through periods of stress and anxiety, and it’s incredible how much these seemingly mental and psychological conditions can also significantly impact our bodies and the way we carry ourselves. Stress and anxiety can manifest into physical aches, pains, and other problems that regular preventive medical care can help you better manage.

Natural Health Center provides osteopathic medicine, nutritional advice, preventive medicine, and more to the Rome NY, area. If you are looking for natural and holistic ways to improve your health and lifestyle to achieve better sleep then call Dr. Camille Dillard today at (888) 338-WELL to schedule a consultation with us.

By Camille Dillard, DO, Health & Wellness PC
June 15, 2020

Follow these tips to help you stay healthy right now.

Right now is the perfect time to talk about ways to boost your immune system. As a Preventive Medicine physician here in Rome, NY, Dr. boost immune systemCamille Dillard and her team focus on lifestyle changes and simple preventive measures you can take every day to bolster your body’s natural defenses. While there is no magic pill, there are some things you can start doing now to boost your immune system,

Consume Good Bacteria

Our gut microbiome plays a major role in our health, from supporting our immune systems to aiding in digestion. There is even a link between your gut health and your mental health (known as the gut-brain connection). When unhealthy and healthy bacteria within the gut are out of whack, you’ll know it. This can lead to high blood sugar, weight gain, digestive complaints and even anxiety and depression. It’s highly recommended that you add prebiotics and probiotics to your diet to improve your gut health.

Prebiotics are found in a lot of whole grains and plant-based foods and they help good bacteria in the gut to thrive. Probiotics can be found in yogurt and other fermented foods such as kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi. If you are concerned about nutritional deficiencies or your current diet, our Rome, NY, Preventive Medicine physician can provide you with high-quality supplements and vitamins.

Get Up and Moving Every Day

Getting your steps in every week doesn’t have to be that difficult. In fact, you only need about 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity each week to reap the health benefits of exercise. While we know that sheltering in place can certainly reduce your need to move, a brisk walk outside, going to remote areas nearby to hike or just doing a simple at-home workout routine can help you feel better and boost your immune system.

Get Some Sleep

Poor or inadequate sleep is typically to blame when someone starts coming down with an illness. It’s important that you are getting anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Quality sleep helps us to wake up refreshed and restored. Having trouble sleeping? Try these helpful tips on sleep hygiene and see if your sleep improves over the next couple of days.

Here at Natural Health Center in Rome, NY, our team is here to provide you with everything from chiropractic care and prolotherapy to psychotherapy and nutritional supplementation. We provide our patients with the comprehensive health care and wellness they need to lead long, healthy and happy lives. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment please call 888-338-WELL.

By Camille Dillard, DO, Health & Wellness PC
June 05, 2020
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Illness Care System


Definition: a field of endeavor whose identity, purpose, mission, goals, structure, process, outcomes, habits and culture are centered on the creation, aiding and promotion of illness, independent of the intent.


This extended definition sums up the so-called “health care system” particularly, but not solely in the US.


Bluntly stated, illness profits. Yes, people should be rightfully be remunerated for providing a much-needed service. But human beings were designed to be in health, not kept imprisoned in illness.


“For where a man’s treasure is, there will his heart be also.” Or in more modern phraseology, Follow the money”. Most of our “health care system” dollars derived from insurance premiums are spent on disease.


The closest the illness care system gets to true health care is the provision clinical preventive services (CPS); mammograms, STI (sexually transmitted infections), colonoscopies, etc. Now offering CPS is helpful as well as important, but is not truly the same as preventive care. CPS avoids health behavior modification (HBM). It is next to impossible to do HBM in a 10-minute visit. However, health begins with accurate knowledge, understanding, good application (healthy choices), development of a culture and environment for health.

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