Could Massage Therapy Help Me?

Massage therapy involves applying pressure to and manipulating the soft tissue of the body to improve how the body feels and functions as a whole. There are many reasons people turn to our Rome, NY, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for massage therapy. After all, massage can be a safe, effective, and drug-free way to improve your health and wellbeing.

What conditions and issues can massage therapy address?

Massage therapy is a popular alternative treatment because it offers a host of benefits, from reducing symptoms to supporting a healthier and better-functioning musculoskeletal system. It can also reduce your dependency on or help you kick painkillers and it may even help you reduce your chances of needing surgery. Massage therapy can also:

  • Promote better sleep and help with insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Reduce tension and alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Boost the immune system to help protect against infection and disease
  • Promote relaxation
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improve circulation
  • Stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and improve circulation
  • Reduce muscle soreness and tension
  • Boost energy and alertness
  • Improve acute and chronic forms of pain including joint pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia
  • Alleviate post-surgical pain
  • Improve range of motion
  • Decrease headache and migraine frequency and intensity
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Improve nausea related to chemotherapy

Can massage therapy help me?

Absolutely! You don’t have to be experiencing aches and pains in order to benefit from massage therapy. A lot of people come to our Rome, NY, practice for massage therapy to help them relax, feel at ease, and promote a healthy body that functions at its very best. Regular massage therapy could even prevent certain injuries from happening in the first place, making it a great option for athletes. Massage therapy is also safe for all ages.

Do you have questions about getting massage therapy from our Rome, NY, LMT? If you want to schedule massage therapy services, call Natural Health Center today at 888-338-WELL.

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