Preventive and Family Medicine

Are you looking for a renowned preventive and family medicine doctor in the Rome, NY, area?

We are oversaturated with television commercials, magazine articles, email and social media that are all telling us how we can be healthier. But is this information tailored to you and your unique health needs? Chances are it isn’t. Here in Rome, NY, our Preventive Medicine physician Dr. Camille Dillard and her team at Natural Health Center pride themselves on crafted tailored-to-you preventive care to keep your whole family healthy.

What is Preventive Family Medicine?

We think most people would agree that it’s better to prevent a problem from occurring rather than waiting for it to happen before you do something about it. For example, you wouldn’t wait until the car runs out of gas to decide it’s important to fill out at the gas station. So why avoid the preventive checkups, screenings, vaccines and appointments that could keep you healthy?

Our Rome, NY, Preventive Medicine physician Dr. Dillard prevents disease through routine checkups, bloodwork, physical exams and more. We also provide comprehensive testing that checks everything from thyroid dysfunction and hormonal imbalances to yeast overgrowth and parasitic infections. By coming in regularly for preventive checkups, we can prevent disease and keep you feeling your best.  

What are the Benefits of PREVENTIVE MEDICINE?

As you might imagine, preventing diseases and conditions is far easier than treating them. By turning to us for preventive care, you can reduce your risk for infection, detect problems early and avoid unnecessary and costly surgeries, procedures and medications. During your preventive checkups, Dr. Dillard and her team will also educate her patients on their health and well-being and what lifestyle modifications, supplementation and nutritional needs they may require based on their unique genetic makeup.

Who is Dr. Dillard?

Dr. Dillard has been practicing for over ten years, providing holistic PREVENTIVE MEDICINE and family medicine to individuals in Rome, NY. Dr. Dillard also works collaboratively with other doctors, health care professionals, alternative medicine practitioners and massage therapists to provide patients with the well-rounded, whole-body approach to care and treatment they’re looking for.

Natural Health Center is your one-stop destination for comprehensive PREVENTIVE MEDICINE in Rome, NY. Call (888) 338-WELL to schedule an appointment with our Preventive Medicine physician Dr. Camille Dillard and her team.

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