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By Camille Dillard, DO, Health & Wellness PC
July 13, 2021
Category: Health
Tags: Massage Therapy  

Massage therapy involves applying pressure to and manipulating the soft tissue of the body to improve how the body feels and functions as a whole. There are many reasons people turn to our Rome, NY, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) for massage therapy. After all, massage can be a safe, effective, and drug-free way to improve your health and wellbeing.

What conditions and issues can massage therapy address?

Massage therapy is a popular alternative treatment because it offers a host of benefits, from reducing symptoms to supporting a healthier and better-functioning musculoskeletal system. It can also reduce your dependency on or help you kick painkillers and it may even help you reduce your chances of needing surgery. Massage therapy can also:

  • Promote better sleep and help with insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Reduce tension and alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Boost the immune system to help protect against infection and disease
  • Promote relaxation
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improve circulation
  • Stimulate the body’s natural healing processes and improve circulation
  • Reduce muscle soreness and tension
  • Boost energy and alertness
  • Improve acute and chronic forms of pain including joint pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia
  • Alleviate post-surgical pain
  • Improve range of motion
  • Decrease headache and migraine frequency and intensity
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Improve nausea related to chemotherapy

Can massage therapy help me?

Absolutely! You don’t have to be experiencing aches and pains in order to benefit from massage therapy. A lot of people come to our Rome, NY, practice for massage therapy to help them relax, feel at ease, and promote a healthy body that functions at its very best. Regular massage therapy could even prevent certain injuries from happening in the first place, making it a great option for athletes. Massage therapy is also safe for all ages.

Do you have questions about getting massage therapy from our Rome, NY, LMT? If you want to schedule massage therapy services, call Natural Health Center today at 888-338-WELL.

By Camille Dillard, DO, Health & Wellness PC
July 12, 2021
Category: Health
Tags: Sleep   Wellbeing  

Sleep, and the lack of it, can affect our lives in more ways than we might be aware. There are immediately felt repercussions of feeling tired during the day, and more long-term physical consequences of neglecting this very important aspect of our daily lives. To learn about all the ways that sleep affects our lives, consult with the Preventive Medicine physician of the Natural Health Center in Rome, NY.


Poor sleep can affect your ability to concentrate on everyday tasks which can impact your work, making the simplest work seem more difficult. It can also make you more prone to accidents. Missing sleep to get more work done can prove counterproductive in the long run. As lack of sleep can also affect your memory and your mood, which then impact not only your job but also your home life.

Immune System

Not enough sleep can mean a weakened immune system. Although there isn't a clear answer to why this is the case, it's been shown that sleep deprivation can increase the risk of developing short-term illnesses as well as increase the likelihood of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.


When our normal sleep patterns are interrupted so are other mechanisms of our body. Without a full night's sleep, the transmitters that tell your body when it's full after a meal can misfire making you feel hungry. It can affect your metabolism as well as make you seek foods higher in calories.

Sleep Help in Rome, NY

Exercise can help reduce stress in the day and physical activity can allow you to be ready for bed at the proper time. Managing what types of stimulants you are exposed to such as caffeine, alcohol, and even screen time can also help you attain sleep. For professional help and advice, you can depend on your local Rome, NY, Preventive Medicine physician of the Natural Health Center. If you would like to schedule a consultation dial 888-338-WELL.

By Camille Dillard, DO, Health & Wellness PC
July 09, 2021
Category: Health

Osteopathic care could improve your mental wellbeing.

Many people find themselves anxious, particularly these days. We understand that you are under a lot of stress. Those dealing with chronic health problems and pain may also find themselves dealing with increased anxiety and a decreased quality of life. Here in Rome, NY, our Preventive Medicine physician provides comprehensive osteopathic care to patients to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

When it comes to improving your mental health and wellbeing, our Preventive Medicine physician takes a holistic and big-picture approach to provide effective care and treatment options. We know that while some patients may wish to take medication or may be pleased with their medications, medication isn’t a quick fix to help people with anxiety and depression. We can refer patients to psychotherapists who can help them talk through and break negative patterns to help them lead healthier and mentally happier lives.

Focus on Simple Lifestyle Habits

You may be surprised just how much diet and exercise play critical roles in your health. For example, it’s believed that around 90 percent of the serotonin in our bodies is produced in the gut. When the gut is off, due to processed foods or alcohol, we may also notice that we don’t mentally and emotionally feel our best.

Our Preventive Medicine physician can easily connect your current diet and lifestyle habits to reasons you may be feeling mentally unwell and provide you with effective and easy-to-implement strategies for proper nutrition and more regular exercise. Even just thirty minutes a day of a brisk walk or working in your garden can give you the aerobic workout you need to feel better.

Consider Underlying Health Problems

Sometimes medical conditions such as a thyroid disorder or a nutritional deficiency can lead to depression or anxiety. In this case, our team will also run the appropriate tests including blood tests to look for signs of an underlying health problem. If you’ve already been diagnosed, we can also work with you to make sure that your condition is getting the proper and effective treatment you need to improve depression and anxiety symptoms.

Natural Health Center is your osteopathic practice in Rome, NY. If you are looking for a holistic approach to maintaining your mental health, call us at 888-338-WELL to schedule a consultation.

By Camille Dillard, DO, Health & Wellness PC
July 07, 2021
Category: Health
Tags: Nutrition Consult  

A healthy lifestyle begins with you. Find out if you are getting the proper nutrition.

Are you wondering whether your diet is on the right track? Concerned about your nutritional needs and whether you’re getting what you need? There are many reasons why people turn to our Rome, NY, preventive medicine physician for a nutrition consult. After all, an osteopath takes a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, looking at all aspects of your health and lifestyle to determine optimal and personalized nutrition needs.

Prevention is Key

A preventive medicine physician will always focus on disease prevention and one of the best ways to do this is through maintaining a healthy diet. By educating our patients on what to eat and what not to eat we also provide them with the crucial tools and insight they can take away with them after our consultation to help them lead a healthy lifestyle. We also help them figure out why they are eating the way they are.

What to Expect

Before coming to our practice, we know you probably have a lot of questions about your nutritional needs. Make sure to write all of your questions down ahead of time and bring them with you so that you get a chance to ask all of them. Be prepared for your preventive medicine physician to ask you a lot of questions about your nutrition and lifestyle. Jot down everything you ate the day before your appointment to give us an idea of what we’re working with. We will also ask you about your goals in regards to nutrition.

Some patients are looking to reduce their risk for certain diseases and other patients are looking to lose weight while some simply want to feel and look their best. We can discuss weight loss plans and strategies with you that are completely safe and effective. You will be closely monitored by our team to evaluate your progress and keep you motivated. We can also discuss your additional needs, such as vitamins or supplementation.

Reasons to Consider a Nutritional Consult

There are many reasons why people turn to our preventive medicine physician in Rome, NY, for a nutritional consult. You may benefit from a nutritional consult if:

  • You feel confused about your nutritional needs or what you should eat
  • You are overweight or obese
  • You’re concerned about food allergies
  • You’re dealing with symptoms after eating certain foods
  • You are having trouble losing weight despite eating healthy
  • You’re noticing disordered eating or negative eating patterns or habits
  • You want to take a more proactive and preventive approach to disease prevention and staying healthy
  • You’re looking for realistic approaches to diet and weight loss
  • You want a medical professional who can guide you and weigh in on your current diet and how to improve it

If you are interested in sitting down with our Rome, NY, preventive medicine physician to discuss your nutritional needs, then call Natural Health Center at 888-338-WELL to schedule your consultation.