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By Camille Dillard, DO, Health & Wellness PC
June 03, 2020
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The English word for “doctor” comes from the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) root word “dek”, to "take, accept”, which in Latin means wellness“teacher”. (Etymology Online)

The problem is we have been psychologized from ancient times only to show up at a doctor’s office when we are sick. In ancient times, the doctor only came to the house when someone was ill when we did not have the elaborate and often inefficient massive health care system of today, which is more appropriately named “illness care system”. The family which served as the “doctor” from the beginning of civilization, and often still serves as the “doctor” did the triage and treatment at home. However, we have lost much of the knowledge of “using our food as our medicine” to promote health. But there has been a quiet revolution going on for over 40 years to restore this operating principle. Health begins not at the doctor’s office, but with the dirt (soil) you are standing on and often take for granted. Hence, health STARTS and is Maintained at home.


But are all mechanics? Are all computer specialists? Are all attorneys? Are all construction workers? The obvious answer is no. So not all are physicians. Even within the health care system, there is an array of specialists. Specialists are people with expertise within certain areas of knowledge. Doctors are here to help you take care of the most valuable piece of equipment you have, your body. Without your body, you cease to exist here in the earth and your house, family, money, gifts, talents, and all other material as well as non-material things have no impact. So, if you are not a specialist in health, then you need to cultivate a formal relationship with an expert in health and this is would be your wellness doctor.


Why do you need a doctor? The truth is the American population is sick. We know this by the epidemics of diabetes, obesity (overweight), physical inactivity, poor eating and sleep habits. All of which leads to an immunocompromised population that has had an explosion of various autoimmune disorders and left highly vulnerable to all sorts of highly contagious pathogens. Many are walking timebombs waiting to explode. Wouldn’t it be nice if we show up to the doctor’s office before we are detonated? I know my Emergency Medicine colleagues would be most grateful for the lighter workload.


So, the long and short of it, show up to the doctor when you are well. Do not wait until your body’s transmission seizes up before you seek care. You are worth far more than your vehicle, car, house, etc.


Dr. Camille Dillard and her team can guide you on the path to better nutrition and better health right here in Rome, NY. Call us today at 888-338-WELL to start on your path to wellness.